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The Smallest and Most Flexible Safety Relays on the Market!

Jokab Safety the most flexible safety relays on the market. Their first universal relay was developed in 1988. Today the flexibility is even greater and the size has been reduced by 80 percent compared to the this first relay.

A universal relay is a safety relay with various input options for various safety devices and risk levels. Internally, the safety relay is of the highest safety level (category 4 according to 954-1). A machine supplier can therefore, with one single safety relay, select the input configuration that best suits his customers safety requirements. In addition, our safety relays have detachable connector blocks for ease of replacement and testing.

As our universal relay incorporates all input options, it is compatible with all our previous safety relays as well as with other manufacturers products.

Is a universal relay expensive? No, our latest patented construction is extremely simple and the number of major components is less compared to our previous universal relays. This means that the safety relays are even more reliable than before.


· Universal relays
· Approved in Europe, USA, Canada
· Supervised reset
· Time reset
· Small and compact
· Detachable connector blocks
· Permits the use of long emergency stop cables
· LED indication and outputs for indication
· Safety relay handbook with connection examples

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