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Eden is a new non-contact sensor using dynamic signal transmission. The sensor operates to Cat.4 and has an extended sensing distance. Several Eden sensors and light beams can be connected in the same safety circuit and dynamically monitored by the Vital controller.

The JSNY5 interlock switch is for gate and hatch applications and is available with holding forces up to 100N and with 2NC+1NO contacts.

The JSNY7 non-contact magnetic switch is designed to operate in dirty industrial conditions.

Interlocking devices JSNY8/9 enable gates on machinery with long stopping times to be locked and opened only when safe to do so.

The Emergency Stop Grab Wire safety switch JSNY10 provides 'emergency shutdown' up to 25 metres. The JSNY10 contacts are used to break the circuit when the cable is pulled or cut.

Eden non-contact sensor

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