>Proximity Sensors
· Through Beam 0 - 700mm
· Retro-reflective 0 - 700mm
· Diffused 30-150mm
· Diffused 60-300mm
· Diffused 100-700mm
· Diffused 200-1500mm
· Diffused 350-2500mm

>Analogue Output

· Voltage Output Teach-In 30-150mm,60-300mm,100-700mm

· Current Output - Teach-In 30-150mm,60-300mm,100-700mm

· Voltage Output - Potentiometer 30-150mm,60-300mm,100-700mm,400-2500mm

· Voltage Output - Teach-In 400-2500mm

· Current Output - Teach-In 400-2500mm

· Teach-In with suppression of interfering objects, 100-700mm


Ultrasonic sensors with the "Teach-In" function are similar to the standard range of products but have the added versatility of a simple push button set up. The operating ranges or output function can be set with the "click" of a button.

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